Pomilio Blumm Prize, laboratory of languages: interview with Lorenzo Balbi

From the ability to reveal the “backstage” of each work to the capacity of experimenting with new languages: Lorenzo Balbi, curator of the Pomilio Blumm Prize, reflects on the changes introduced by the homonymous format aired on the TV channel SkyArteHD

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Zero limits: in the artist’s mind with Elena Nemkova, Pomilio Blumm Prize finalist

On air last May on SkyArte HD channel, the Pomilio Blumm Prize has been welcomed by many as a clearly new experiment. The artists that took part at the competition judged the docu-reality as very innovative. Here’s the opinion of Elena Nemkova, one of the finalists. 

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«We, analysts of the present days». A conversation with Aldo Giannotti, the winner of the Pomilio Blumm Prize

Aldo Giannotti, the winner of the first edition of the Pomilio Blumm Prize, on air last May on Sky Arte HD, talks about the social function of art, also describing the distinctive features of what he calls “the perfect artwork”.

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Pomilio Blumm Prize, art anticipating communication

The first edition of the Pomilio Blumm Prize, the first Italian docu-reality on contemporary art, has just concluded with Aldo Giannotti’s victory.

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Pomilio Blumm Prize – Art Contest Show on air on Sky Arte HD

The Pomilio Blumm Prize – Art Contest Show, the innovative TV format developed in collaboration with Magnolia and Sky Arte HD, will be on air on channels 120 and 400 of Sky from May 2 every Monday at 8.15 p.m.

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Alessandra Mammì: «Art? A social value»

«Thanks to Pomilio Blumm, for the first time we realized a talent show on art, by combining two worlds that are like oil and water: art and television. But the project has revealed to be very interesting».

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Délio Jasse for Blumm Prize: “Art will save us from oblivion”

“It had never happened to me before, in any of the countries I visited for work, to show and tell a work of art through television. For me it is a great challenge. ” Délio Jasse explains that way his participation in the Pomilio Blumm Prize, the innovative TV project launched by SkyArte HD with Pomilio Blumm during which emerging international artists will compete each other on the theme of institutional communication.

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Pomilio Blumm Prize Contest on SkyArte

TV channel SkyArte HD, the production company Magnolia and the communication agency Pomilio Blumm together continue with their project of a new and brave TV format at International level: a docu-contest in four episodes to promote artistic experimentation, talent, ethical reflection.

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Giovanni Allevi: “Music helps building bridges”

“When I write my notes on the staff I never think of the present. I always try to go further, deeper, where the true essence of music lies: love”. These are the words by Giovanni Allevi, world renowned Italian pianist, composer and orchestra leader.

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Between science and art, the “Space” of Veronika

Freelance photojournalist born in Czech Republic “in the middle of the Cold War space race between the USSR and the USA”, Veronika Lukášová has been investigating the intersection between science and art for a long time.

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Beauty. Or rather art at the service of citizenry

How many meanings does the word heritage have? And how many heritages have we, in Europe, too often abandoned or forgotten? One of the richest and simultaneously most neglected is certainly our artistic heritage.

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SkyArte HD: a new format with Pomilio Blumm

Elements of the documentary and of the reality show meet in the innovative TV format designed by SkyArteHD in cooperation with Pomilio Blumm and Blumm Prize. An ambitious project aimed at starting an unprecedented path to search new languages between art and communication.

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Jimmy Nelson: Photography will save us

The author of the reportage ‘Before they pass away’, dedicated to endangered populations, retraces his journey to the most remote corners of the Earth to celebrate the most archaic cultures. Before they disappear and, with them, our roots.

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Mazen Jannoun and the shape of belonging

From the narrative of war to the one about territories, passing through the exploration of feelings and the human condition, the idea of belonging can be expressed in many ways, as the recent experience of the Blumm Prize Future Frames has taught.

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The unity in diversity

In many ways the XX century has been the century of diversity. Interculturalism, relativism, self-determination have been powerful watchwords behind vital and long awaited revolutions, that somehow were still more “imagined” rather than realized.

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Future Frames 1st edition held in Brussels

The French photographer Laetitia Vançon is the winner of the Blumm Prize Future Frames first edition, with her work “My home, my prison”.

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Laetitia Vançon: redefining the identity

Awarded at the prestigious Italian Embassy in Brussels, Laetitia Vançon is the winner of the first edition of the Blumm Prize Future Frames.

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Umberto Eco: for an aesthetic of memory

In Italy his new novel just came out, Numero Zero, a tale set in the recent history, once again showing how art and knowledge, aesthetics and philosophy can feed one another, with no limits or prejudices.

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Mediterranean, the real face of belonging

It wasn’t easy to interpret a multifaceted theme such as belonging. It wasn’t easy to try to extract its presuming faces and turn them into images and stories.

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Future Frames: comparing identities

As the New Year approaches, Blumm Prize Future Frames gets to the heart of the competition.

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Mimmo Paladino’s Rhino for Pomilio Blumm

A powerful, unmistakable symbol able to recall both the chthonic roots of being and a combination of tastes and modern sensitivities, a contemporary aesthetics, all with the same evocative power.

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Drazic and Rickard: space becomes art

Landscapes, people, buildings, physical presence, gestures and actions, materials: the space becomes art for some of the artists who took part in the Blumm Prize 2013.

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New European Avantgarde

Avant-garde means moving beyond, anticipating the future. But what happens when the traces of the future take us back to the past? And how does the very idea of the past come out changed in this process?

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Future Frames: Blumm Prize meets photography

From the narrative of war to the one about territories, passing through the exploration of feelings and the human condition. The experiential mosaic composed by Hadeel Al-Ramly, Mazen Jannoun, Veronika Lukasova, Dionisis Moschonas and Laetitia Vancon – the artists selected for Blumm Prize Future Frames (see the picture) – is rich and varied.

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Michelangelo Pistoletto: the new freedom of art

A freedom to enhance, a new ethical dimension to gain, a renewed social mission to pursue: this is art, according to Michelangelo Pistoletto who underlines its importance for contemporary democracy.

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The cultural exception: art and shared wealth

Some time ago, the charming French Minister of Culture Aurelie Filippetti issued a statement that raised a small dialectical earthquake in the EU institutional environment in a short time. She argued that the cultural product cannot and should not be subject to the same market rules and logics that apply to all other goods.

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Factory Blumm Prize presents Simone Bergantini

Not only a prize, but a real springboard to enhance visibility also outside of the artistic sector. This is the Blumm Prize’s mission, as witnessed by Simone Bergantini, finalist of the 2013 Edition and author of the picture used for the new campaign of Lombardy Region

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Andrea Bellini for Blumm Prize 2014

A prestigious curator – Andrea Bellini, Director of the Centre d’Art Contemporain in Geneva – and a special partnership with Flash Art, one of the most influential art magazines at international level: these are the main novelties of Blumm Prize Art in Progress 2014, which confirms itself as one of the most innovative international art awards.

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Mimmo Jodice: seizing the day

From the initial experimentation to the pioneering commitment to elevating photography to the height of Art, Mimmo Jodice recalls the first steps of his career, passing through his experience with the body art exponent, Vito Acconci, and the protests in the 1960s.

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Franco Pomilio: art as a mirror of society

Art has always been a mirror of society . Intentionally or not, all artworks – even the most visionary ones – talk about reality, even just transfiguring it, and reveal its real nature.

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Novello and Spanghero: ashes and breath

Awarded at the prestigious Italian Embassy in Brussels, the two Italian young artists won the first edition of the Blumm Prize. Their works combine the frailty of glass and the intangibility of breath and talk about transparency through art.

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