Future Frames: Blumm Prize meets photography

From the narrative of war to the one about territories, passing through the exploration of feelings and the human condition. The experiential mosaic composed by Hadeel Al-Ramly, Mazen Jannoun, Veronika Lukasova, Dionisis Moschonas and Laetitia Vancon – the artists selected for Blumm Prize Future Frames (see the picture) – is rich and varied.

As specified by the competition rules published on the website, for its first edition, the photography award promoted by Pomilio Blumm is called “I Belong” and invites young photographers to express themselves on the concept of belonging, focusing on the dimension of identity and value interiorization that represent the backbone of the deep relationship between citizens and territory.

The deadline for the submission of works is 30 October 2014. The winner will be awarded of 3000 € and will have the opportunity to exhibit his/her own work at the Italian Embassy in Brussels, which will host the awarding ceremony on 25 November.

The complete rules of Blumm Prize Storysharing – the Blumm Prize “chapter” devoted to literature – has been recently published on the website too. The first deadline for submitting works is 20 February 2015.

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