Between science and art, the “Space” of Veronika

Freelance photojournalist born in Czech Republic “in the middle of the Cold War space race between the USSR and the USA”, Veronika Lukášová has been investigating the intersection between science and art for a long time. From “Machinate Mammal”, capturing the relationship of man with machines as its staring point, to the most recent “Mars: Dreams and Schemes the work she brought to the Pomilio Blumm Prize Future Frames – she follows a specific journey into space to explore how technology helps us understand our role in the universe.

Invited to express the theme of belonging in the Mediterranean, by the agency Pomilio Blumm that promoted the international photography prize, Lukášová chose to meet scientists, designers and the European Space Agency astronauts to describe the sense of community, to learn how to work with the open void and find out “if a manned mission to Mars could be achieved in a short time by so many disparate groups”, now that the space industry is no longer driven by territorial ambition and in its place is a multitude of institutions, large and small.

Previously based in Washington DC as a freelance correspondent for the New York Times and the Washington Post, Lukášová has since immersed herself in personal documentary projects about Baikonur Space Cosmodrome, CERN and cosmic rays, winning multiple awards including “Women in Photography International”, “Prix de La Photographie Paris”, “Lucie International Photography Awards” and “Czech Press Photo”. In the meanwhile, her journey into space continues toward a new mission: the project “In Time”, to find out how photographic material would react to elements other than light.

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