«We, analysts of the present days». A conversation with Aldo Giannotti, the winner of the Pomilio Blumm Prize

Aldo Giannotti, the winner of the first edition of the Pomilio Blumm Prize, on air last May on Sky Arte HD, talks about the social function of art, also describing the distinctive features of what he calls “the perfect artwork”. «Our work – Giannotti says – is to analyze the present days: to think about what surrounds us, to create new points of view never imagined before, to lay the basis for a different way to relate each other, with different eyes».

In order to create new perspectives, art must necessarily make itself understood. And this is not a banal purpose according to Giannotti. «Too often – he says – art has been a form of separation: on the contrary, the perfect artwork it the one that speaks to everybody». Only the ways of understanding, that depend on personal skills, are different. The accessibility of the artwork remains, in a way, universal: «If the artwork creates a sort of “staircase” where everyone can enter his knowledge and his own feelings, then art speaks to one and all, from ground zero to the complexity that the artist wanted to put in his artwork».

And exactly this vocation towards a global language is the one of Aldo Giannotti – whose eclectic work include installations, video, photography and performance – exalted in his artworks for the Pomilio Blumm Prize. In the words of the Prize jury, chaired by Michelangelo Pistoletto, Giannotti was able to “identify a welding point between apparently distant worlds and include the media space and time in the art space, combining all the themes of the competition: identity, relationship between humans and technology and the idea of public space”.

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