Délio Jasse for Blumm Prize: “Art will save us from oblivion”

“It had never happened to me before, in any of the countries I visited for work, to show and tell a work of art through television. For me it is a great challenge. ” Délio Jasse explains that way his participation in the Pomilio Blumm Prize, the innovative TV project launched by SkyArte HD with Pomilio Blumm during which emerging international artists will compete each other on the theme of institutional communication.

Born in Luanda, Angola, in 1980, Délio lives and works between Lisbon and Milan, where he has run an interesting project on photography experimentation, his favorite means of expression. At the center of his work the memory of his homeland is alive, although over time the focus on the memory has shifted on the concept of identity that he researches in forgotten archives.

As for the work with which he participates in the Pomilio Blumm Prize (to be broadcasted in May on SkyArte HD) and about which he anticipates some details: “To accomplish my work I went to a flea market in Lisbon looking for old pictures of complete strangers, normal people. After collecting all the information, I have created compositions that I finally brought to a single image. ”

And on the inspiring process he adds: “As a visual artist, I’m always in the street to look for information, every day, every time I try to seize and collect images.”

Delio has recently taken part in the Venice Biennale in the Angola Pavilion, after distinguishing himself with the ANTECIPARTE award and in several group exhibitions, including Present Tense (Fundacao Calouste Gulbenkian, Lisbon, 2013) and Pour un monde durable (Rencontres de Bamako- Biennale africaine de la photgraphie, Bamako, 2011).


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