Franco Pomilio: art as a mirror of society

Art has always been a mirror of society . Intentionally or not, all artworks – even the most visionary ones – talk about reality, even just transfiguring it, and reveal its real nature.

That’s why, in the past, art “lived and grew” close to the public sphere and its diverse “embodiments”: religion, politics and economy. An idea stemming from the Mediterranean area, first with the art of Mesopotamia and ancient Egypt, and then with the Greek and
Roman one: it could not be otherwise, since the public dimension and the sense of community were born in the Mediterranean basin, in the form of polis or res publica, depending on the case. However, today, the idea of a civic art – or at least of an art with a strong civic vocation – seems to be anachronistic and outdated.

Nonetheless, more than any other form of expression, art is able to express the inexpressible, including all those intangible values on which common life is based. This is the idea of art the Blumm Prize project: each year, young artists from all over the world are invited to represent one of the fundamental values of the delicate relationship between citizens and institutions. Some principles such as transparency, identity, trust and happiness literally take shape and compose, year after year, a sort of ideal map of common and shared feelings.

Art, photography, literature: three awards for three types of languages constantly evolving and a network of partners and supporters that includes, to date, the magazine Flash Art, the editor Rubbettino, the associations Transparency International and Reporter Sans Frontières. Finally, besides all this, the Blumm Prize Art Award, a special prize for students of European Art Schools.

Hence the idea of this quarterly newsletter. It is thought to give young awarded artists the proper space – with the column “Meet the artist”- together with great masters, to reflect together on the “State of the Art” and to point out experiences and other projects, which fosters dialogue between art and values, ethics and aesthetics, just as the Blumm Prize does. With a strong belief: in times of global communication, we can address “brave” questions to art, in order to know where we’re going to and where we’re leaving from.

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