Future Frames: comparing identities

As the New Year approaches, Blumm Prize Future Frames gets to the heart of the competition. As the five artists selected sent their works (within 30th October 2014 as provided for by the competition rules), the first edition of the photography award sponsored by Pomilio Blumm heads towards to its final phase, which will culminate January 28, 2015 with the award ceremony at the Italian Embassy in Brussels.

Called to express themselves on the concept of belonging, Hadil al-Ramli, Mazen Jannoun, Veronika Lukasova, Dionisis Moschonas and Laetitia Vancon have focused on the deep structure of the bond between citizens and communities, between identity and territory, composing a complex and variegated mosaic of experiences.

In “The Building of Love” Dionisis Moschonas tells a story of acceptance and solidarity that comes from a Greece affected by the economic crisis. As a result, some families who have suddenly lost “one basic human right: for food and shelter” become protagonists of the work. Like Moschonas, Hadil al-Ramli also offers the testimony of a difficult social situation: the report “Who am I?” is a trip to Palestine in the rubble of a persistent conflict. It outlines the daily, diverse and profound difficulties that Palestinian citizens have to face and coexist with: such as children’s education, status of women, freedom of expression and religion.

The dimension of belonging studied by French photographer Laetitia Vancon in “My home, my prison” represents, instead, the exhausting affiliation with a clan, showing “how an ancient tradition, which still exists in a modern country, torments an ordinary family “. Later on, there is the most ancestral feeling of identity, the bond with our origins, investigated by Mazen Jannoun in the documentary “1×1”. The documentary shows the most representative and personal items of 25 immigrants who live and work away from their country of origin. Finally, in “Mars: dreams and schemes”, Veronika Lukasova chose to meet scientists, designers and the European Space Agency astronauts to describe the sense of community and “to learn how to work with the open void” and find out “if a manned mission to Mars could be Achieved longer available in a short time by so many disparate groups “.

These days, the jury meets to select the project that more than any other has managed to represent the uniqueness and the feelings of European identity. The winner will receive a prize money of € 3,000 and a chance to show his/her report in Brussels, center of undoubted institutional importance and growing creative impulse, besides being the capital of Belgium and of the new Europe.

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