Future Frames 1st edition held in Brussels

The French photographer Laetitia Vançon is the winner of the Blumm Prize Future Frames first edition, with her work “My home, my prison”. The event, which took place last January 28  at the Embassy of Italy in Brussels, with the partnership of Reporters Sans Frontières, Euro Mediterranean Network, Rubbettino Editore and ICO, saw the participation – among others – of Franco Pomilio, President of Pomilio Blumm, creator and promoter of the prize, the Italian Ambassador in Brussels Alfredo Bastianelli, and the members of the jury, among which photojournalist Chris Warde-Jones, Reporters Without Borders Italian vice-president Domenico Affinito and photo editor Chiara Spat.

The jury, together with curator Stefano Schirato, awarded Laetitia Vançon’s artwork because «it deeply investigates the phenomenon of feuds between clans in Albania, ruled by a centuries-old code of laws which includes the right to kill in revenge for a previous murder. The only way to escape this revenge is to remain at home, a place considered inviolable by the Kanun code. With very well realized and delicate images, the reportage is enriched by written contents and personal stories and has a high impact title».

The other finalists, selected by the jury for interpreting better than the other participants the theme of the contest “I belong”, were: Hadil al-Ramli (Palestine), Mazen Jannoun (Lebanon), Veronika Lukasova (Tzchech Republic) and Dionisis Moschonas (Greece).

 «The Mediterranean has been the greatest world civilization lab for thousands of years. That is why we asked young artists to explore its legacy and its present, in order to understand – before others – where civilizations, cultures, trust relationships between Institutions and citizens are headed, being so crucial for the future of this area»: with these words Franco Pomilio recalled the ambitious goals of the international photography prize during the award ceremony in Brussels.


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