Giovanni Allevi: “Music helps building bridges”

“When I write my notes on the staff I never think of the present. I always try to go further, deeper, where the true essence of music lies: love”. These are the words by Giovanni Allevi, world renowned Italian pianist, composer and orchestra leader. Interviewed on occasion of his performance at Expo 2015 during the World Food Day, he told about his vision of music as a universal language and a key communication channel as it allows to reach people’s hearts and it conveys values and positive feelings.

In a more and more globalized world, is it possible to stimulate people’s civic pride through music, reducing distances between institutions and citizens?

“Hegel, the philosopher who more than anyone, has focused the importance of the relationship between citizens and institutions said it, too: institutions must become promoters of an ethic dimension, and then of a set of values, ​​that has its crowning achievement in the citizens’ feelings.
The role of art exactly hinges on this dichotomy between institutional actors and citizenship: the artist welcomes collective feelings and transfers them outside, becoming a vehicle of values ​​that can flow into a new mentality of Institutions.
It is very, very important that this happens so that we do not create a disconnection between institutions and citizens, but we can create a common purpose, as noted by Hegel himself.”

Among the great masters of the past, who do you think has made music to bring people together, or to build relationships with Institutions?

“As Italians we have to mention Giuseppe Verdi, whose figure is emblematic: actually, any artist touches people’s hearts and gives voice to a collective feeling, which meets in the artwork its successful completion. Any great artist of the past has found a special channel, a thread that linked him to the hearts of people, so that its art became a sublimation of the common feeling”.

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