Alessandra Mammì: «Art? A social value»

«Thanks to Pomilio Blumm, for the first time we realized a talent show on art, by combining two worlds that are like oil and water: art and television. But the project has revealed to be very interesting».

With these words the Italian journalist and art critic Alessandra Mammì assessed the experience as a judge for the new docu-reality by SkyArte-Pomilio Blumm, from the stage of the 2016 Oscar Pomilio Blumm Forum – annual event on ethics.

The SkyArte experiment was successful because art is still able to play a social role and, therefore, to “bring happiness” to a community, not just to the individual. According to the journalist, art must stop being only connected to big museums and collections worth millions, and «penetrate into our daily life».

In this regard, Mammì provided a few examples of artworks realized with the purpose to perform a social function. Standing out among these examples, is the project by Alberto Garutti: in the Belgian town called Gent, the artist realized a number of street lamps that, connected with the maternity ward of local hospitals, light up every time a baby is born in town. «This is one of the many functions of art», concludes Mammì, «perhaps the most important one».

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