Laetitia Vançon: redefining the identity

Awarded at the prestigious Italian Embassy in Brussels, Laetitia Vançon is the winner of the first edition of the Blumm Prize Future Frames. The young photographer, invited to investigate the theme of belonging in the Mediterranean, described deeply the exhausting affiliation with a clan through the story of an ordinary family of Northern Albania.

For Laetitia Vançon, a French photographer based in Munich, photography is a crucial tool to interrogate human practices and acknowledge the subjective dimension of each perspective. Her last work – My home, my prison – is a further proof of that.

Her photo feature tells the story of Noja, his wife Angje and their four children, and his internal revolution to define his identity. Even if they are personally innocent of any wrong doing, they are implicated simply because they belong to a “wrong” clan, ruled by a centuries-old code of laws which includes the right to kill in revenge for a previous murder. The only way to escape this revenge is to remain at home, a place considered inviolable by the Kanun code.

My home, my prison is made out of excellently composed images, of strong impact but delicate to the eye, and are enriched by written contents and personal accounts which describe the sad paradox of a home becoming a prison”, pointed out the jury of the Blumm Prize Future Frames, the international photography award promoted by Pomilio Blumm in partnership with Reporters Sans Frontières, EMN Euro Mediterranean Network, the Embassy of Italy in Brussels, Rubbettino Editore and  ICO Industria Cartone Ondulato.

Specialized in Visual Telling Story at Danish Photojournalism School, in November 2012 Vançon was awarded by Emaho magazine for the work of “The time goes, Bruno stays”. In 2014 she won the Sony World Photography Awards, Self-portrait competition on Instagram and was shortlisted for the RPS (Royal Photographic Society) International Print Exhibition.

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