Novello and Spanghero: ashes and breath

Awarded at the prestigious Italian Embassy in Brussels, the two Italian young artists won the first edition of the Blumm Prize. Their works combine the frailty of glass and the intangibility of breath and talk about transparency through art.

A tower of transparent vessels full of ashes and a disturbing machine reproducing breath sounds. The two works were awarded during the Blumm Prize – 1st edition for the interpretive originality and the detailed technical and compositional research used to give life and shape to the concept of transparency.

The absolute winner is Maria Elisabetta Novello, an artist from Vicenza who graduated at the Academy of Fine Arts of Venice. With her work “Communicating Vessels”, Novello uses the semantic and symbolic power of a poor and recycled element (the ash material she always chooses for her works). She reminds us – as the jury points out – “the constant circle of decadence and renewal that pervades human actions, thus giving a new ethical sense to life”.
The winner of the Blumm Prize Online, voted on the internet, was Michele Spanghero, with his sound sculpture “Ad lib”. By means of a sort of short circuit, it reproduces a perpetual mechanic requiem. Spanghero was born in 1979 and has been carrying out a research and a visual experimentation path linked to sound art for years. His works are exhibited in museums, clubs, galleries and festivals in Europe and the United States.


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