Pomilio Blumm Prize, laboratory of languages: interview with Lorenzo Balbi

From the ability to reveal the “backstage” of each work to the capacity of experimenting with new languages: Lorenzo Balbi, curator of the Pomilio Blumm Prize, reflects on the changes introduced by the homonymous format aired on the TV channel SkyArteHD

Lorenzo Balbi was one of the protagonists of the Pomilio Blumm Prize, the contemporary art prize and docu-reality broadcasted last spring on the TV channel Sky Arte HD. As a curator, he selected three young talents, accompanying them on their path through the competition, from the challenges to the finale. From his point of view on the work of the artists and on the dynamics of the prize, Lorenzo Balbi reflected on the peculiarities of the Pomilio Blumm Prize: “For me, it was a wonderful experience, I am happy to have lived this opportunity: it shows that contemporary art is not self-referential, but ready to open itself to the outside world”.

“Furthermore – Balbi says – the prize has turned out to be an exciting platform to experiment with new languages, and interrogate the present days with new forms. Moreover, through the kind of narrative put into play, the Pomilio Blumm Prize was able to show the procedural character of the artistic work, that doesn’t easily emerge in an exhibition”.

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