Mediterranean, the real face of belonging

It wasn’t easy to interpret a multifaceted theme such as belonging. It wasn’t easy to try to extract its presuming faces and turn them into images and stories. But in view of the award event that has just taken place in Brussels, we can say that the young artists, finalists of the Blumm Prize Future Frames first edition, won this challenge: all of them, regardless of who was the winner.

Each one of them was able to grasp a perceivable, tangible and original aspect of  belonging. Indeed, belonging – just like culture, after all – is a matter of past, of experience, and it is more concrete than one may think. In line with Blumm Prize’s inspiring principle, once again art – photographic arts, made of instants, of life frozen and delivered to eternity – was able to explain how it is possible to talk about intangible and “ordinary” values without getting lost into haziness or rhetoric.

Paraphrasing Wittgenstein once again, you’d say that what you can’t talk about, can be represented. And what is represented here, in the shape of clan spirit or power of objects, is the changing identity of Euro-Mediterranean culture,  the habits and beliefs of a territory that has been the greatest world civilization lab for thousands of years.

These young artists’ victory needs indeed to be considered from a historical point of view: looking at the past with the soul of the present and a view to the future, in order to understand before others where civilizations – divided by politics and conventions, but often brought together and sometimes reunified by history – are headed.

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