Zero limits: in the artist’s mind with Elena Nemkova, Pomilio Blumm Prize finalist

On air last May on SkyArte HD channel, the Pomilio Blumm Prize has been welcomed by many as a clearly new experiment. The artists that took part at the competition judged the docu-reality as very innovative. Here’s the opinion of Elena Nemkova, one of the finalists. 

Elena Nemkova took part at Pomilio Blumm Prize proposing a unique fusion between art and science: she showed the public the creation of a sculpture aimed at giving shape to the emotion of the fear, using mathematical models.

“Artists as workers, behind theirs works are almost unknown – Nemkova says – that’s why, in the show, the documentary part was very interesting: in my case, for example, I was able to show how a work is born, including errors. It is important to me this precariousness of the artistic work is shown, also in the sense of uncertainty, especially creative uncertainty.”

Talking about the social value of art as an “observatory” on future trends, in line with the Pomilio Blumm Prize concept, Nemkova adds: “Every project starts from the artist’s ability to have significant insights. Just think about the etymology itself of the term “project”, which means thrown forward”. And, in the field of art, these insights have necessarily an international scale according to Nemkova. The Russian-Finnish artist, born in Tajikistan and living in Milan, says: “In art, the border is never physical but mental. It is something that we think we cannot reach, but only in our heads”.

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