Pomilio Blumm Prize Next Artists 

Pomilio Blumm Prize Next Artists is a contest for high school students and art schools from Italy, Europe and the countries of the Mediterranean basin.

The prize has been developed as part of the project of art dissemination Pomilio Blumm Prize to stimulate young artists to express – through the visual arts – a contemporary and possibly futuristic vision of the world.

The award calls to interpret the “concept” of the rhino, which sets an example of the extraordinary evolution of the species from prehistory and is the symbol of the communication agency Pomilio Blumm, creator and promoter of the initiative.

Among the prizes, the opportunity of an internship in the agency sponsoring the award. All finalists will be awarded during the international event Oscar Pomilio Blumm Forum, to be held in Pescara on March.

Click here for rules and information. 


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