Fatma Bucak

Born in Iskenderun, on the border between Turkey and Syria, he studied philosophy at the University of Istanbul and history of art at the Academy of Fine Arts in Turin. He also earned a Master in Photography at the Royal College of Art in London. In her works she addresses delicate issues such as political identity, religious mythology and landscape as a place of historical renegotiation. She held exhibitions in Italy, Germany, USA, UK and in 2013 she won the 13th Illy Present Future Award.

Aldo Giannotti

Aldo Giannotti was born in Italy and has been living and working in Vienna since 2000. He is curious about constructs such as personal and cultural identity, collectivity and mechan- isms of power, and often stages situations involving visitor participation. His work has been shown at various institutions in Austria and abroad, including: Kunsthalle Wien, Wien; Lentos Museum Linz; Kunsthallen Nikolaj, Copenhagen; Biennale of Young Artists, Bucharest; Beijing Art Bienniale; CCC Strozzina, Palazzo Strozzi, Florence.

Delio Jasse

Angolan origins, he then moved to Portugal. Since his early age, Delio Jasse has developed a great interest for alternative printing techniques, such as the cyanotype, the platinum/palladium and the Van Dick Brown, that he wisely combines with his preferred artistic tool: photography.  After his first exhibitions in Lisbon in 2009, he won the ANTECIPARTE award and in 2015 he was shortlisted for the Angolan Pavilion at the Venice Biennale.

Andrea Nacciarriti

Born in 1976 in Ostra Vetere (Ancona, Italy), after his studies at the Academy of Fine Arts of Bologna, Andrea moved to Milan; in 2010 he won the Terna03 Award for the Gigawatt category: the acknowledgement is a residence at the Red Gate Gallery in Beijing. He won the New York Award 2014/2015 and spent 4 months at the International Studio & Curatorial Program NY. In 2015 he won the International Contest of Contemporary Art: a call for a line, for which he will realize a permanent installation on the Vajont dam.

Elena Nemkova

Born in Tajikistan, Eléna lives and works between Milan and S. Petersburg, where she also graduated in Design and Art. Her works trace the evolution of science, trying to portray it within the sphere of intimacy, of base instincts and daily life.  Her work has been exhibited in Kunsthalle (Sao Paulo), Manifesta 10 Parallel Program, (S. Petersburg), Wacoal Art Centre (Tokyo), Museum of Modern Art (Moscow), Museo MART (Trento and Rovereto), Institute of Contemporary Arts (S. Francisco), The II Moscow Biennale (Moscow).

Thomas Teurlai

Born in 1988, Thomas Teurlai is a French artist who realizes sculptures with great aesthetic and emotional impact, setting up equipment, machines and engines that produce movement, noise and sparks. His works are immersive installations where the spectator is called to reach out to a new world, where apprehension and surprise concerning everyday fears and objects are combined. Thomas lives and works between Marseille and Paris.

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