Blumm Prize Storysharing 2014

The Blumm Prize Storysharing is a literature prize addressed to young writers under the age of 40 promoted by Pomilio Blumm and Rubbettino Editore.

The theme of the prize is the concept of happiness as a shared social value and guarantee of a renewed relationship of trust between citizens and institutions. Participants are invited to tell the story of the various possible embodiments and variations of this value, paying particular attention to common life aspects. The works may address this theme considering different aspects: at the level of expression, as the inspiration for a linguistic experimentation or research of innovative ways of storytelling, and at the level of content, as a narrative device of course, but also as the main theme, deep axiology, inspiration for figurative representations and transformations, construction of scenarios, characters, and situations.

The works must be unpublished and presented as a short story or novel of a length between 50 and 150 folders. There are no restrictions on the type or technique of composition. It is possible and even encouraged the use of innovative forms of storytelling suitable for interactive digital formats, as well as the traditional one, including the use of syncretic text- image forms and interactive features.
Participation is open to all those who have the requirements and registration is free.

Regolamento e scheda di partecipazione

Rules and registration form


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