Stefano Schirato

Curator of the 2014 Edition

He was born in Bologna in 1974, where he graduated in political science. He lives in Pescara with his wife and 3 children. He has done reportages since 1997, and besides having published several photo books, he cooperates with major Italian and international magazines including Vanity Fair Italy, International Herald Tribune, Washington Post, Le Figaro, and The New York Times.

Franco Pomilio

Creator and founder member

ICS Chairman, coordinator of EuroMediterraNetwork and President of Pomilio Blumm. Trained in the United States, he has specialized in marketing at Harvard University, MIT and the INSEAD campus in Singapore, he has worked in major advertising corporations in the United States, the Middle East and Japan. Author of monographs La Repubblica della Comunicazione (The Republic of Communication, 2010), Comunicazione 3.0 (Communication 3.0, 2011) and Comunicare la trasparenza (Communicating transparency, 2013),  he has developed one of the most original theoretical models of communication between institutions and citizen-consumer.

Chris Warde-Jones

Member of the 2014 Scientific Commitee

Grown up in Rome, and a graduate of London University, Chris Warde-Jones is secretary of the Foreign Press Association in Italy and photojournalist of some of the most prestigious newspapers and magazines in the world: New York Times, Times of London, The Sunday Times, Le Figaro, The Wall Street Journal.

Domenico Affinito

Member of the 2014 Scientific Commitee

Senior Editor and correspondent of Digital Content of the RCS Group, is president of Italian Reporters Without Borders. He began to take his first steps into the world of journalism with the facts of Tangentopoli in Milan. After being for years a crime and judicial reporter, he began to take care of foreign news by the end of the Balkan war in Kosovo. Since then, in addition to the Balkans, he has travelled several times in the Near and Middle East and the Arab countries of North Africa. He was a reporter during the war in Iraq and the stages of stabilization in Afghanistan.

Chiara Spat

Member of the 2014 Scientific Commitee

Born in Rome but living in Milan, Chiara Spat is currently a photo editor for Grazia magazine of the Mondadori Group, and a member of GRIN – National Iconographic Editors Group, point of reference for those involved in photography inside editorial offices of newspapers and periodicals. She has worked in New York with the team of the photojournalistic agency “Contrast”.

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