Drazic and Rickard: space becomes art

Landscapes, people, buildings, physical presence, gestures and actions, materials: the space becomes art for some of the artists who took part in the Blumm Prize 2013.
Both interested in the perception of space and objects, Dusica Drazic and David Rickard define the link between the work and the context that surrounds it from two opposite points of view.

Dusica Drazic is an artist and an independent curator, born in Belgrade, where she lives and works. She prefers to capture the changes of space through instability. In her work, “Landscapes“, the relationship between the environment and the change of the surface we walk on turn into precise plaster casts: the seemingly static landscape in front of us is constantly being recreated with its depths, irregularities and differences. The “Landscapes” are cracks in the walls and floor, signs of a slow formation and expression of these changes.

David Rickard, a New Zealand born artist based in London, UK, after his studies in art and architecture, chooses the equilibrium as a means of representation of the space. Among other works, “Open System“, clearly expresses his peculiarities and his constant attempt to order the chaos, throughout the investigation of different materials and their mutations. Due to a painstaking process of drilling, the butane cylinder that forms the work turns into a solid which continuously interacts with its environment or surroundings, with light and air passing freely through it.

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